Welcome to Alpha Capital Management Ltd

Alpha Capital Management Limited has received a Registration Certificate (No.MB-51/2010) on 1st December 2010 from the Securities and Exchange Commission for operation the business as a full-fledged Merchant Banking in the Capital Market subject to compliance the all relevant provisions of Securities and Exchange Commission (Merchant Banker and Portfolio Manager) Rules, 1996 and rules and regulations of the Commission.

This Company was incorporated under the Companies Act, (Act XVIII) of 1994 in Bangladesh, as a private limited company on 22 November 2009 vide no. C-80882/09 with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies and firms, Bangladesh.

Alpha Capital Management Limited is appearing in the market horizon with mission to offer innovative solutions to satisfy all services such as Issue Management, Underwriting, and Portfolio Management needs and to deliver tangible results for clients through full services access to our capital market.

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